Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Steps Through The Process

Pastel Painting

How to Use a Large Abstract Shape to Begin The Design

Working on Wallis Sanded Paper
Blocking in a loose abstract shapes which contrast light and dark.
I am using an abstract block letter Y on this one.
The block in is using nupastels  in a dark green, a dark blue and a violet red.

Now I lightly worked alcohol into the pastel underpainting to set it in. 
I also let it drip and run together to create some beginning textures.

At this step,  I just wanted to create some more texture with some marks. 
I used a palette knife to do this.

At this stage I added color.  Loose board strokes to suggest more than describe.
In a small study,  I probably would have stopped with this.  I think it describes a mood and
gives enough information to describe the scene.

At this point,  it is time to stop and look.
I like to place a mat around the painting and walk off.
I will come back and look with a fresh eye to evaluate my design.

"Beside the Lake"

Pastel on Sanded Paper



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