Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spending Some Time with the Camera.
Take Off

 So I finally decided to put out some winter food for the birds.
It didn't take long to have so many birds of all kinds.
This was right outside my french door, but the only way I could capture
 them was through the glass of the door. 
 It has just been too cold to sit outside and wait for the birds.
This one is available in prints and cards on my
Fine Art Photography site.  Just click the  image and it will take you there.
Valentine Rose
 This also is available on the Photography print site.  
A beautiful rose my sweetheart surprised me with on Valentine morning.

The Lion Sleeps
 My friend and I took an afternoon visit to a local tiger refuge. 
They take in big cats that are displaced. 
I was very impressed with the care these large cats are given.
Please take a few minutes and learn how you can help provide for these animals.

A Lazy Roar

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