Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our White Christmas in East Texas

Late Christmas afternoon large wet snowflakes began to fall here at Holly Lake Ranch, TX.  We all said "it won't stick the temperature and the ground is too warm".  But it continued to fall and the temps continued to drop and it covered the ground and the branches. It sure made a pretty white Christmas card feeling for many east Texans.  We rarely see snow in December and ever more so for Christmas Day. And here it is on December 27 and it is still with us.
Some say that if the snow stays on the ground in East Texas for 3 days, it will snow again soon.

 I have a new set up planned out and sketched out to paint.  This will be the next painting I will be posting on Daily Paintworks. I'll post again when it is finished.

Set up

Beginning Sketch

Blocking in of Large Color Shapes and Midtones

Ready for the close of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, both great years.  I wish you all love and happiness in the coming year.

"When we look deep within the silence of our heart, we feel our shared existence with humanity and experience a natural desire to give, receive, and be part of the expansion of happiness on the planet."


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