Sunday, December 9, 2012

Additional Sources of Income for Artists

What are some of the most common additional sources of income for artists?  Well I can think of a few that I have tried to make work.
Many of us have a desire and a goal to become a "full time" artist. With the lofty idea of making a comfortable living at our art.
The fact is very few artists actually make a living with their art.  But that does not keep a true artist from feeling like art is their true career.  Most of us would consider our-self artists, even if we never got paid for it.
Teaching Art is one of the number one ways to produce additional income, and still feel as though you are working as an artist.  I love to teach others what I have learned about art.
Commercial art for someone else is another, but many will tell you that you soon yearn to be producing your own ideal and visions.
Working a full time job and staying up all hours of the night to produce your art.  Maybe ok for the young, but will soon take the toll on you.
Having a spouse that provides a generous income that allows you the freedom to persue

your artistic desires without restrictions. ( Now that would be nice, Maybe?)
For me, I started out early in my art career with an additional self employed business that worked well to allow time to paint. I had the freedom to schedule my time and work around art schedules. But the thing that didn't work was.......if I wasn't working..........I wasn't making money.  Vacations aren't free for the self employed hairstylist.
So I guess playing the lotto is a possibility too.  I won't leave that out.
With the internet and social media,  it is so much easier for us to get our art exposed to many new collectors.   Word of caution to us all on that is that you have to be careful of your time.  Don't get so caught up with social media that it takes more away than it adds to your efforts of getting more art done.
Over the past five years, I have studied with a friend about a lot of multiple sources of income.   Most have been too much work getting it set up.  I tried quite a few affiliate links and also found that to be too much time pushing out a business for someone else.
In looking for a good multiple income source, it needs to be flexible, scalable, sustainable, something you enjoy and believe in and in-expensive to get involved in.
And oh WOW did I find something that was perfect for me.  Actually it found me,  as opportunities usually do.
A product that I believe in,  that has real science and real results and a compensation plan that was designed by the millionaire maker, Jeff Olson.  Author of  The Slight Edge.
I have time now to do my daily paintings and post them on my blogs.  I have a wonderful skincare product to use and share that is backed by Real Science, Real Results and Real Opportunity.
I have added a tab at the top of this blog that will tell you more about this wonderful product.  Just leave your name and email for me. Your email will remain safe with me.  Thanks 


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