Monday, August 20, 2012

Steps in the process of painting a pet portrait.

Pet Portrait of Louie 

Some Steps in the Process

First Step is taking good photos. 
 I usually like to work for quite a few. And zoom in on the face whenever possible, for good reference to later details. In this one I had to mention the dreaded... C..A..T to get those  ears on alert.    

Set up for starting  pastel portrait of Louie.
Laying out the pastel palette and making sure there is good
lighting on both the work surface and the palette. One of the photos
is clipped to the board and in a protective sleeve to stay clean of pastel smudges.
Begin with a light drawing of the face. I begin with the center of the face and 
work outward.

Laying in Color

 Keeping it loose

Laying in abstract shapes for background.
Refining shapes and drawing.
Small steps at a time.

Not finished yet.
But I will post the completed portrait when I am satisfied with it.

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