Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gemstone Bracelets

Having Such a Great Time with Gemstones!!

It all started with collecting some crystals and other gemstones.  Wanting to learn more about them, how to recognize the different gemstone, and learning their properties,  I began to play with wire wrapping.   I will also be posting pictures and stories about the wire wrap pendants.   But this post is to feature the gemstone
bracelets I have designed.   They have a new home on while waiting on a new home with just the
right person.  These and more can be seen and purchased at .  That is my newly revised Etsy shop.  I also have a couple of small paintings there and plan to continue to add more.
Along with the listings of the jewelry items I add some information on the metaphysical and healing properties of each of the gemstones used.   I hope you will visit often.  I invite you to also "LIKE" my Wilder Artist facebook page,
Come along and join me in learning about gemstones!
Prices and more information on
Malachite and Sterling Silver Bracelet

Carnelian and Citrine with a Carnelian Drop Bracelet with a magnetic clasp for
easy on and off. Glass beads add a bit of sparkle and a touch of green to the

Jasper and Carnelian Bracelet

Amethyst Bracelet

Aventurine Heart Bracelet

Copper Wire and Serpentine Bracelet

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