Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Journaling the Journey of Discovery

As I begin to collect my journals last night,  I planned out the journals I would begin to work with.  I knew I wanted one titled "Gratitude",  one for " flow writing" (which would be message from my higher self and my guides), and one for "Art Notes", and one for "Dreams".  I am sure there will be more to come.
With this new plan for writing, it seemed somehow easier to begin writing.  In the past it all seemed to jumble up into just wild unclear thoughts with lots of starts and no finishes.
I am also visualizing getting creative and decorating these journals, but that will come later.  Getting down to writing is the important thing.
I am sharing with you this journal entry from last night.  I know it was a clear message for me and my questions.
I thought that many of you would also make sense with the message.  So if it helps you,  I am so glad to share with you.
"Journaling is one your many visions of yourself.  Some are true to who you are and some are illusions of who you want to appear.  As you begin to search within and ask your heart what it wants in order to fulfill what you came to earth to be, you will see more clearly and enjoy the true desires of your heart.
Do not feel as a failure for those that you can't achieve.  Put your energy in the things that allow your heart to sing and your light to shine to the world.  Begin your journal and see what desires come forth  that you have yet to dream.  Listen in silence and without judgement.  Be willing to accept what gifts you have been blessed with.  Writing is a natural ability for you and one talent that your should have faith in and share. You think you have nothing to say but the truth of the writing is that you have much to discover through your writing."


  1. This a wonderful connection and message from your higher self. I'm so happy that you have started this journaling blog and that you are actually doing it yourself.

  2. Received a lovely email this morning from a "new" artist in Canada that was inspired by this blog to explore and discover through art and writing! I attempted to respond and thank them for the complements on the style of my blog. They said the script writing made them feel that it was warm and comfortable. Thank you so much. Big Heart Hugs!