Sunday, March 6, 2011

Have you wondered where my blog post have gone?

I have not posted a blog entry for a while.   Have you missed me?   I hope you have.  I will be back to posting about painting very soon.  We sold our place in November and found this great new place. We are in a beautiful setting, surrounded by nature and great neighbors.  
Here are a few pictures of our new house and my new studio.  We have been remodeling since we moved in in December.  And it looks as though I will be still painting over old wallpaper all summer.  Or maybe I will get brave enough to strip it and start with fresh texture.  Any offers of help out there?
I will post more pictures of the interior when I am finished.

 Back deck and the upper deck is out the studio back door.


  1. What a great new place! Welcome back.... I did indeed miss your posts.

  2. Love love love the new house. . everything about it is perfect and just right for you and Mike. . I'm so happy for you. . .so now what's for dinner??? hee hee