Friday, May 7, 2010

A Day at Old Town Spring, Texas

It was great weather for our visit to Old Town Spring. If fact we spent two afternoons there exploring the quaint shops and the historic buildings. There were lots of small artist studios and galleries, and shops of just about any kind. We are told that the weekends are really hopping and lots of fun with music and festivals. I think it would be a great place to have a studio. But that would be a long commute for me. HaHa
Here are a few pictures from the trip. We took time to set in the shade and sketch for a while. We found the best place to have a big scoop of ice cream in a coconut coated waffle cone. Actually that was repeated both days. Thank goodess we did a lot of walking!
We missed a few places like the candle shop and the glass shop. But there was so much to see. Maybe next time.

One of the beautiful shops.

Garden of the Dragonfly Gallery
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  1. Thanks for the pictures. I would love to visit Spring, Texas sometime. We have friends in the area and have heard a lot about it! Looks beautiful and sounds friendly :)