Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mocking Bird Nest

Birdnests have been the subject lately for demos and classes I have taught recently. As you have seen in a previous blog, I used the birdnest to demo how I use the newer open/interactive acrylics.
I have always loved to find birdnests and I am fascinated with the skills of our little feathered friends. We have a bluebird box by our patio and a family of bluebirds grow up there each summer, wrens have made their nest in my planters and even in our chimaneya on the patio. The yard is filled with all kinds of birds and a few of them I can identify. This is not a literal rendering of a mocking bird nest, but it reminds me of one.
Rarely do I have a vision in my mind of how the finished painting will be, but this one was an exception. The image of it has been floating around in my mind for about two weeks now. This morning I decided that I must get in down on canvas before it left me. I was thinking large and a very vertical format.
I didn't have a large canvas or panel, but I did have rolls of primed canvas. I decided the best way to begin would be cut my canvas a little larger than I thought I needed. So I cut it about 30" x 38", thinking I would tape or clip it to a board for support. Or another option was to tape or staple it to the wall. I ended up finding a older painting that was 24 x 36. So even though I was thinking larger, I clipped the fresh canvas around it. Mike will be making a trip to the hardware store for me before I finish this one.
Here is a little peek of the work. This is a first lay in of color and textures, it is shaping up nice for me. I still have more layers to add. I will post the finished painting whenever it is complete.

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  1. Oh. my. goodness!! I love this!! I would take it just as it is. WOW!