Saturday, May 30, 2009

Top Ten Ways I Nourish My Creative Spirit.

22x24 acrylic on paper $1000
Here are my top ten ways I nourish my creative spirit:
1. setting aside time to be alone in the studio, this is crucial to me, I some time call it idle time. Time to put aside deadlines, and to do list and just play, or read, or meditate.
2. visiting with other artists, enjoying a long afternoon lunch, or maybe in their studio to see what they are working on.
3. trips to museums, galleries, and exhibitions, preferably with other artist or alone, not with family ( I don't linger as long with non-artist).
4. trying something new, a new painting surface, a new medium, a new brush, anything that forces me to change the way I work.
5. be silly, laugh out loud,
6. going through older work and finding a gem
7. playing with my dogs or horses, they always make me smile
8. family that supports even when they don't understand what I am doing
9. teaching others and sharing my artistic views on painting and design
10. SELLING my art!!!!! last but not least.


  1. Hi Judy,

    Just placed you on my blog. I Couldn't a thumbnail of your work, but I did manage to place what you wrote.

    By the way, great work!

  2. Judy, your wonderful list makes me realize I need to do more of this!

    Thanks for the inspiration!