Friday, February 20, 2009


I was "tagged by Artist in the Wild aka William Weith. This is how he explained it to me.
The blogosphere is such a cool place. Where else can you meet so many interesting people doing so many cool things in so many different places? And all without leaving your favorite coffeehouse!
Someone somewhere in blogdom started a fun practice to help bloggers learn a little bit more about each other. One current version works like this: when “tagged” write a post containing five to seven (hopefully) interesting things people probably didn’t know about you, then “tag” five to seven bloggers to have them do the same. A simple, fun and entertaining way to learn about people.

So here are few things about me that you might not know.

I live on a small acreage farm with my husband, Mike. We have been married for 10 years. I have three children from another marriage of 30 years. I have three grandchildren that I adore.We have two horses, Gypsy and Doc, and two dogs, Mack and Louie.

For the past twenty five years I have been in the beauty industry. It was a great job that provided me the flexible time to devote to my art training and career. I was able to travel when I wanted and time off when ever I wanted. Although I have worked in a few more jobs, the salon was a perfect balance of time and creativity.

I have just begun studying sculpture. I would love to learn to throw pots.

If I could live anywhere I wanted, it would be in the Southwest.

Here are the artist I have tagged.

Madalyn Kennedy contemporary, impressionistic, mystical illusionary and spontaneous

Jan Blencowe She paints quite beauty and diversity of nature.

Nancy Christy-Moore Two of her major series are featured on this website: the Horse Series and the Blooms Series.

Karen Jacobs Blog: KJ-One Hundred Objects

Nita Leland Best selling books on color and collage

Dawn Blair Ethereal landscapes

Michelle Leivan The Only Kansas Artist Devoted to Wildflower

These are artist I am friends with in person or on facebook. I know you will enjoy seeing their work.

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