Friday, February 6, 2009

Developing an abstract landscape

After the initial wash was applied, I mask off areas to keep light and began to layer washes of dark greens and blue over the surface. Additional textures were applied by placing papers on top and spraying lightly with water. I also used a razor blade to lightly repeat lines and shapes that were formed. When dried the masking tape was removed.

On this step, I began by laying in more dark and rich washes, again repeating some of the shapes that were established. More textures were applied in the same manner, being careful not to overdo. Then I mixed up a mid value using the darks I had already used by mixing them with gesso. I like gesso because it gives nice coverage without getting shinny on the surface.

I am not finished with it yet, I will continue to take photos as I work. It may not need much more to be finished or it may become totally different. Can't wait to see.
I'll be giving a workshop March 4 and 5 using these same techniques as well as watermedia collage on paper.
The workshop will be at Mineola League of the Arts. For more information click on the link for them.

Are you thinking about summer days?
I have posted a new daily floral painting on by Visual Journal Blog

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