Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stop the World I Want Off

Turn My World Upside Down
oil on canvas
available for purchase

I painted this about a year ago. My friend Madalyn Kennedy was visting for a week in my home and studio and we were enjoying the chance to paint together. We had once lived in Longview and now she lives in Houston and I live in East Texas. I decided to attempt getting a similar look with oil paint as I do with the watercolor. So I have had this hanging around the studio for a while to decide if it was a keeper. Finally I posted it to my website.
My granddaughter titled it You turn my world upside down, and that really seems to describe the feeling in this painting. Sometimes I feel that Stop the World I Want Off, would also be a great title. The busier my life gets the more I feel that way. Life is busy for me now and I do love it and feel very blessed. However, finding a balance and time alone in the studio is crucial to the creative process. I try to be in the studio some each day, but I have now set aside Thursday's for my studio day, a day that I will accept no other appointments, I will let the answering machine take my calls, and even if I just sit and read or meditate, I will be alone with the creative spirit.
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