Friday, January 30, 2009

Photography Class

Here are some photos from my second photography class.

I signed up for this photography class to learn how to take better photos of my artwork. I learned that and so much more. Now I fear I have fallen in love with photography also. Another medium to add to my list.
Some artist recommend that you stick with one medium and master it.
I see validity in that recommendation, especially when first learning your craft. I use the word craft, because I am referring to the technical side of the work. You must learn the craft before you can express your artist self. That being said, I firmly believe the longer you work, the more you expand your experiences and techniques and even your mediums, the more free you are to express yourself. I have found through my 30 plus years of art, that learning or trying a new medium expands and enhances all my work. I encourage all artist to step out of their comfort zone and try new mediums.
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