Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photography Assignments

This has been a very busy week and I have been out of the studio more than in. Thursday I took a photography workshop and I am posting some of the assignment shots. It was a beautiful day to go out and shoot. We were in historic Mineola, Texas by the railroad depot.

I enjoyed it so much, I signed up for a more advanced workshop in two weeks. I am hoping that we will have the same kind of beautiful weather, but we may be shooting indoors.
One of the most helpful things I learned in the workshop was how to use the fill flash for back lite shots. I really hate using flash at all, but in this case it makes such a difference. I also learned my camera has a mode called manner/museum and is preset to take photos where flash and sound are not appropriate. Any of you photographers will see, I really needed this class and much more. I recommend a digital camera class to everyone who owns a digital camera.
I downloaded Picasa3 on my computer and I am finding it very easy to work with and it has made downloading from my camera very easy. I uploaded these pictures directly from my picasa to my blog saving a lot of steps.

I'll be at a sculpting workshop this next week and then the next Monday I will be giving a watermedia demo. I have been taking step by step photos for an example and I will have to have a few taken to different degrees of completion to show how I work. I will only have about two hours and I don't want to spend time allowing layers of paint to dry.

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