Monday, December 29, 2008


I love beautiful skies, sunrises, and sunsets.
This is not from today, but from my back yard a few months back.
I think this will be my next painting.
I have not been able to be in the studio the last couple of days, because of a cold that has my eyes and head spinning. Hopefully today will be better.
However, it has given me the opportunity to start up this blog and twitter. Still being creative.
Taking time today to lay out some plans for new works and to plan out a demo I am giving for Mineola League of the Arts,, in Mineola, Texas .
For more information check out their website.
My demo will be on watermedia and collage with the emphasis on a good abstract design. I hope to show realist that abstract is the foundation of all good paintings. I hear so often the remark "I don't understand abstract painting" So I hope I can help answer that for this group.

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